3 Caring Tips For Diamond Engagement Rings In Melbourne

You and your partner will wear those diamond engagement rings in Melbourne for the next few years or until you finally get wed. Because of this, it is essential that you keep those rings in perfect condition to keep its lustre and excellent condition.Below are some caring tips for diamond engagement rings.

Regular cleaning

The moment that you noticed the accumulation of soap suds, dust and other elements in your ring or if it lacks the shine and lustre it used to have, then it’stime for you to have your ring cleaned. Engagement rings and jewelleries in general, are delicate and they need extra care and attention to have them shining like new. Avoid exposing your ring to toxic chemicals when cleaning it. To clean the ring, use warm water and gentle detergent soap. Use a delicate toothbrush to clean the ring. Make sure that you do not clean the ring before an open drain. For more expensive jewelleries such as those with diamond studs, have them cleaned by a professionalfor best results.

Take off the ring every now and then

To take proper care of your engagement ring, make it a point to remove it every now and then especially if you are going to engage in physical activities with your hands such as playing sports like basketball, volleyball or if you are going to do some gardening or chores where your hands would be exposed to strong chemicals. Remove your diamond engagement rings in Melbourne if you are going to clean bathroom, toilet and kitchen sink or if you are going to lift heavy objects.

Store your jewellery properly

In order to keep your engagement ring in good condition, store it properly in a proper box after taking it off.Store your jewelleries in a fabric-lined jewellery box and place it in between dividers to prevent it from bumping and scraping it with other jewelleries. To know more about proper caring of diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, make a research on the internet for more ideas.