4 Benefits Of Booking In A Club Sky Lounge In Bangkok

If you intend to visit Bangkok anytime soon, whether for business purposes, a meeting or for holidays, look for a club sky lounge in Bangkok where you can enjoy the city while staying in a comfortable and posh hotel. If you are in the city for a corporate event, it would be wise to book in a club sky lounge instead of having the event in an ordinary meeting room. Some of the advantages of having your meeting in a classy sky lounge include the following.

Exclusive lounge access

One benefit of having your meeting in a sky lounge is you get total privacy including the conduct of your meeting in style and comfort. There are Bangkok hotels with sky lounges located at the upper floors such as at the 10th and 15th floors.

Breath taking view

Among other things that make booking in a club sky lounge in Bangkok more interesting is the view it offers.Since sky lounges are generally located at the upper floors of the hotel, guests can enjoy panoramic view of the city’s skyline especially at night. When you have been using your computer for several hours, you can rest your eyes every now and then by looking at the city’s skyline.

Ideal for corporate meetings

Sky lounge is designed to provide a conducive and comfortable venue for corporate activities and business meetings. The lounge is also suitable for working projects, preparation of reports, discussions and similar activities. There are indoor sky lounge for 50 persons while outdoor lounge can accommodate up to 24 individuals. For meeting rooms, they can take in eight persons. All sky lounges have two internet-connected computers and facilities.

Numerous perks

By booking at a club sky lounge in Bangkok, you can enjoy numerous perks such as complimentary international breakfast buffets, complimentary drinks and finger food in the evening. You will also be offered with up to 15% discount on ala carte menu at their select bars and restaurants. This is on top of complimentary pressing/laundry of two items every day.Visit the website of the hotel with sky lounge to know more about their offers.