Tax Auditing Reasons You Would Not Expect

There are common reasons that could get someone to be a target of auditing from the IRS including earning so much the previous year, claiming high amount for deductions and categorizing the living room as your home office. You should keep your eye on these common reasons to make sure you do not get an audit but expert in the tax industry said that the IRS is now targeting new things for 2018 that taxpayers might not anticipate. Jackson Hewitt’s chief tax officer, Mark Steber, said that IRS was quite busy last year. Taxpayers are recommended to have audit protection insurance in order to avoid a situation where they are unguarded from unexpected costs.

One of the reasons for an audit could be a cash stash you kept overseas. An accounting firm’s managing director, Bill Smith, said that offshore bank accounts could raise a red flag with the IRS. This came after the United States made a partnership with foreign regulators which gave them inside info regarding overseas stash.

If you are benefiting financially from sharing economy, you could be audited. TurboTax surveys revealed that 3.2 million people are part of the trend known as gig economy. The same survey expects the figure to increase to 7.6 million when 2020 comes. People who are working as an Uber driver are classified as self-employed by the IRS thus their earnings are also subjected to taxes. This is why the form 1099 should be included in their filings or else the IRS could take interest in your return.

Lying about purchasing health insurance could be a red flag to the IRS. This is one of the newest issues in 2018 that could be a reason for a taxpayer to be audited. This is not something to be taken lightly because lying could get you in trouble as the agency can easily check, and they are checking, if one has health insurance as indicated in their tax form.

Declaring yourself as a professional real estate agent is not a good idea because, though you might benefit from it especially if you have money-losing properties, you could be caught and be audited. At the end of the day, it is best to have audit protection insurance to make sure you are covered in case of an audit.

Tips In Hiring Furniture Removalists In Sydney

Hiring a team of Sydney furniture removalists is one of the things that will save the day if you are moving to a new location. Apart from having a hassle-free moving experience with the service, it will also eliminate physical stress that you will inevitably experience when you move to a new location. Moving means that you need to carry or lift heavy boxes, disassemble furniture and pack them then take them to the vehicle that will move them to the new house. But if you hire a team of removalists, you can forget about lifting, carrying and moving heavy furniture and save time in the process. When looking for a team of experienced removalists, you can start with the following ideas.

Conduct some research

To find a reliable team of Sydney furniture removalists, conduct some research on the internet for furniture removalists in your area. You might also want to search from nearby areas but the service might be cheaper if you will hire local. Read customer testimonials at the removalist’swebsite. Avoid companies with complaints or bad feedback from customers. You might also want to get more information by starting a topic at online forums or discussion boards. Another option is to ask for recommendations from friends if they know of a reliable furniture removalists in your area. You might also ask a neighbour who previously moved to your area.

Ask for quotes

If you have already a few candidates, it’s time for you to ask quotes to find out how much is the average rate for the service and also to know which among the service providers offer more value to your money. Look for the most reasonably priced service instead of looking for the cheapest.Read the inclusions including the policies. Ask questions if there are points that you are not clear with.

Trusted service provider

You will find a lot of Sydney furniture removalistsin your area but it would be best to hire an accredited company by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). This gives you the guarantee that your personal belongings and furniture will be moved and handled professionally. Purchase insurance if you have high value items or furniture.

Tips For First Time Travelers In Pattaya

When it comes to being tourist friendly in Thailand, Pattaya is on top of the list. There are a lot of ATMs in the area, fast food outlets, international restaurants, convenience stores and Western shops. For tourists, there are a lot of exclusive deals in Pattaya as long as they know where to look. The downside of the influx of tourism is that the safety and quiet of the town is no longer the way it used to be. For first time travellers visiting Pattaya, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Weather. There are three main seasons in Pattaya – the warm wet season, the warm dry season which is equivalent to a winter and the hot dry season. Tourists often come during the winter months because the weather is not too hot and there is almost no rain during this season. This is between the months of November until February. After winter is the hot season.

Money. The local currency of Thailand is baht. One can find ATMs all over the city and there are also currency exchange booths that are connected to the local banks. Credit cards can only be used in high-end restaurants and big shops. For smaller businesses, only cash is accepted. If you want to save money, buy from local markets and shops instead of international brands.

Transportation. The city is small thus, the mode of transportation is only a few. Most of the people ride blue buses known to locals as songthaew and these are the most affordable mode of transportation. Riding a taxi can be quite expensive because they are from Bangkok and are only taking passengers on their way back to the metropolitan. Majority of the drivers charge a fix fee and does not agree with meter-charging. There is also a motorbike taxi in the area but it is not the safest mode of transport because there is no helmet provided for the passengers.

Tourists planning to visit the city should find exclusive deals in Pattaya ahead of time in order to save from accommodations and other costs.

Advantages Of Staying In A Bangkok Boutique Hotel In Sukhumvit

If you are searching for a hotel, you would be surprised that nowadays, there are already a lot of variation and categories of hotels. You have a choice of 5 star hotels, concept hotels, lifestyle hotels, bed and breakfast type, retro hotels and you will also find Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit among the long list of options. The style ofboutique hotels vary depending on the theme and ideas of the hotel. If you want to know why you should pick a boutique hotel on your next travel, here are some of the reasons.

Hip vibration

Boutique hotels differ from ordinary hotels in such a way that they evident theme that you will notice from its lobby, to its decors and up to the room furnishings. The rooms have their individual themes as well so when you stay in a Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, you get that different feel that you don’t usually get from hotel chains.Boutique hotels gives you that comfortable feel like you are at home while maintaining that young and vibrant ambiance. This is the reason why those who stay in boutique hotels have that energetic vibe at the start of the day, up until night.

Modern facilities

Boutique hotels are generally new especially that it is a modern hotel concept. Thus, you can be sure that a boutique hotel is teeming with modernism and innovation when it comes to style and ideas. Since the hotel is new, you can be sure that it is equipped with the latest amenities for guests like you to enjoy from. Check the hotel website’s gallery to get an idea on the hotel’s concept. You might also want to read reviews for better ideas on the services and positive features of the hotel.

Excellent location

When you book in a Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, you can be sure that you will not have a hard time finding shopping malls and other entertainment establishments because Sukhumvit is a commercial district. You can find major transportation modes in the area, night markets, bars, cafes and everything you could possibly need while in Bangkok.

How To Find Voice To Text Dictation Software

Technologies have made things easier for us. Nowadays, you can send messages and emails without having to type a single word. Instead, you would only use your voice to create text messages, documents and emails. You can do the tasks hands-free so you can do other equally important things or you can multi-task while sending emails. You can find a lot of voice to text dictation software that you can do install on your mobile devices or computers and the good news about it is there are software that are offered for free such as those that comes along with smart phones. There are also sites that offers downloadable voice to text dictation software that you can install on your smart phones or laptops. There are also service providers that offer the software at a minimal amount of $2.49 a month or $29.88 a year.  If you are excited on where to get more information about the software, here are some ideas.

Tech magazines

One of the traditional but proven ways to find voice to text dictation software is by checking on hard copies of tech magazines. You can find them on convenience stores, your local library and even on magazine stands in your area. If you want to do it the modern way, search through the internet for online magazines that offer the latest information on communication and software technology.

Review sites

If you want to search for software that enables voice to text dictation the convenient way, check on review sites or third party sites that review several similar software and technologies. This way, you no longer have to go anywhere or search from other pages just to get the information that you need because all the details that you want to find can be had in a single webpage.

Ideas from friends

If you want to be sure about the voice to text dictation software, ask your friends or family members who are currently using the technology. This gives you the assurance that you are getting reliable and unadulterated information because you obtained them from the people you personally know.

Guide In Sound proofing Your Apartment

Do you live in a noisy apartment? Have you installed windows to block out noise but still the effort is not enough? Noise disturbance can be a pain for apartment dwellers as it affects everyday life as well as sleeping habits. You cannot control your neighbors making noise or make children stay quite. It is a part of urban living that many tried to live with everyday. The good news is that there are solutions now to reducing noise pollution in your apartment from the simplest ones to the most complicated.

  • If your walls are made of either glass or wood, there is a big possibility that noise is amplified by these materials. The key is to add soft coverings which can help in noise absorption. Some of the most common materials in absorbing noise include felt, cotton and foam. These are the same materials that are used by musicians in soundproofing their studio or rooms. The end result is not always stylish thus you can opt for fabric with decorations or art pieces to hang on the wall. Remember that some materials are ideal for lower pitch noise while others are perfect for higher pitch ones.
  • If your floors are bare, you can add rugs and carpets as these are sound absorbent. You can also install ceiling baffles to keep noise from bouncing all over the room. When choosing rugs, pick designs that are high pile because it minimizes noise the most. If you don’t like rugs, you can pick out baffles with fun designs.
  • Look under your door and if you see a crack, it can be one of the reasons why noise is penetrating your space. To remedy this, a door guard will help and it also acts as additional insulation.
  • Doors that are made out of cheap hollow materials are more likely to let sound in which can negate the installed windows to block out noise. If your door is like this, it is time for an upgrade to a solid one made of wood. If your budget is not enough for a solid wood, there are more affordable alternative such as those with cores made of composite or particleboard material.

4 Tips For Choosing A Hotel In Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. It is home to some prestigious Buddhist temples, vibrant and rich markets, breath-taking lakes and parks along with fascinating culture and history. Myanmar may be full of old temples and ancient structures but it does not fall short in terms of modern and trendy hotels. If you are planning to visit Yangon, look for a hotel in Myanmar where you can have a comfortable stay in the area without going beyond your budget. To do that, take a look at these simple ideas.

Excellent location

If you are in Burma, the former name of Myanmar, whether for a holiday or business trip, choose a hotel that is located at the heart of the city of Yangon. This will help you to get an easy access to historical sites and tourist spots without difficulty. Another advantage of choosing a hotel within the city is you can easily find hotels and transportation that will enable you to get from one point to another. Select a hotel where you can access things and services that you will need while in Yangon.

Excellent service and hospitality

Before you book a reservation for a hotel in Myanmar, make it a point to read customer reviews and testimonials. Another option is to check the hotel’s ratingsbefore coming up with a decision. The reviews are provided by actual customers and you can usually find them in the hotel’s website and third party review sites.

Hotel amenities

Another consideration in picking a hotel in Myanmar are its facilities. The facilities are important as it will help make your stay more enjoyable and comfortable. Choose a hotel with high-speed internet access, fully functional kitchen and stylish bathroom with branded toiletries. It would also be best to pick a hotel with availableroom service and 24-hour front desk.


An excellent hotel in Myanmar does not mean you would pay an excessive amount for this. Choose a hotel offers affordable rates or one that offers discounts and promos to its customers. Book for packages to lower your overall expenses.