The Beauty That Is Nakhon Pathom – Sweet Pomelos, Delicious Rice, Beautiful Young Ladies

Nakhon Pathom is one of the provinces of Thailand, once known for its fruit orchards. Today, the province is a major events destination with major industrial areas and two leading universities. MICE or the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions industry in Thailand has classified the various options of event venue in Nakhon Pathom to be fit for companies related to agribusiness and food productions as the province itself is nestled with fertile farms and plantations.

Being one of Bangkok’s neighbor next door, only 100 kilometers drive, it is an instant escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life in the capital. Here, a religious landmark Phra Pathom Chedi – is the first of its kind commemorating the Buddhism introduction in Thailand. This and many other cultural heritage makes the province a historical importance to the kingdom. A well known golf club makes one elegant and classy selection of event venue in Nakhon Pathom.

It’s name is derived from Pali words which means ‘first city’, thus Nakhon Pathom is often referred to as the oldest city in Siam. This was later verified when archaelogists found remains from the kingdom of Dvaravati, which is traced back from the 6th to the 11th centuries. The province was supposedly a coastal city long long time ago, but the sedimentation from the river of Chao Phraya gradually extended the coast line.

One can easily make a day trip from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom. There are two possible routes to reach Nakhon Pathom from Bangkok. First, via Highway 4 and the second is passing through Rajachonnani Road. Nakhon Pathom is a haven for fruit lovers. Each year, the province even holds a Fruits and Food Fair, promoting the bountiful produce of their farmlands, orchards and plantations. Aside from golf, other activities in Nakhon Pathom include river cruises, marveling the historical Phra Pathom Chedi and adventure at the zoo in Samphran Elephant Ground. A night market with an open air food court opens around 6pm to 11pm around the pagoda area or Chedi. The most popular food in the night market is their sweet pomelos and Khao Lam or sticky rice cooked in a bamboo with coconut milk. Thus their provincial slogan says “Sweet Pomelos, Delicious Rice, Beautiful Young Ladies”.


Expat Guide In Investing In Real Estate In Pattaya – Tips For A More Informed Decision

For expatriates who wish to retire or work long term in Pattaya, or for those who simply fell in love with the resort city and come to unwind several times a year, buying a condo may be the best and most logical way to go. There are a lot of affordable Pattaya condominium for sale, instead of wasting money renting over the years or paying for hefty hotel accommodations.

By law, foreign nationals are allowed to buy any Pattaya condominium for sale without restriction, granting that the building is 51% or more Thai owned. If the property you are particularly interested in is less than 51% Thai owned, you can only rent it.

Below are tips to consider before signing any real estate deal in Pattaya and in Thailand as a whole. This article aims to help expats who don’t want to waste their hard-earned fortune, definitely not for the kind of person who has a lot of extra cash and wouldn’t mind spending a few millions.


Pattaya is a tourist haven, if you are not staying most parts of the year then it is best to invest in condotels. These properties are operated as hotels though they are legally condominiums. They maintain a front desk and is often a go-to place for rentals. But if you want to have a more private community, this is not the place for you. Condotels often have crowded pools and hold parties for tourists. Private living communities are further from the capital.


Most showrooms interior designed their sample units professionally. Buyers have to know that most, if not all, do not include the furnishing in the unit that will be delivered. The showrooms are merely a visual perspective of what you can do to utilize the space properly and rather beautifully. Sure, the paint and tile flooring is included. The kitchen sink and the bathroom fixtures may be included as well if you got a great deal. But the rest are not unless stipulated in the contract and mostly on promos.

Building standards

Do not base your decision solely on the cost, building standards should be the priority. Cheap properties may mean low quality, though not all the time. Developers may sacrifice building quality to cut cost, it is a business after all. Always check the quality of any property you wish to invest to.


Is Buying Articles A Good Way Out?

There is an assignment that comes up, and you need have a well-written paper where it seems like you are an expert in the niche. To produce such paper means spending more time to research about the topic. It also means learning the information especially when you are not too knowledgeable of how you can write the paper.

Why not pay someone else to write the assignment in your behalf instead of you spending too much time doing it? There are a number of individuals and also companies you can find online that are willing to provide the service.

How much does a paper or assignment cost?

Now that you have been informed of this fact that companies are out there willing to provide you with a written paper for any type of subject, I’m sure that your curiosity has increased and you now want information about how you can avail of this service.

First, you will need to take into account the money needed to spend on obtaining the paper. After all, each of us has individual budgets that we need to consider at all times. Spending all that we have is, of course, not ideal.

There are a few things that will eventually affect the paper or assignment’s cost. This normally includes:

  • Subject of the paper or assignment
  • Total words needed
  • The writer or the company that you select to write the paper or assignment
  • Deadline for the paper or assignment

Aside from this, it is obvious that if a paper or assignment is not too complicated, the cost will be lower. Take note, too, that there are companies that will offer some discounts to you. However, this means that you will get what you paid them for. So this might not mean the best quality of work for those offering a cheaper cost.


With these in mind, you can already start looking for a specific company that will make the assignment for you.

There are several occasions when buying assignments online is justified so it helps to be open-minded and to keep this information in mind especially during those difficult times.

Vinyl-Wrap A Vehicle

If you have tried applying numbers to a weekend autocross or club racing car, then you have tried dealing with trapped bubbles and the deformed results. However, the adhesive vinyl technology today is more advanced which allows beginners and pros to get the same great-looking results.

The modern adhesive only reaches its stickiest state after a day, so this makes it possible to re-position. The vinyl also has channels which allow the air to escape and eliminate bubbles. A laminate coating makes the wrap last for a decade. Finally, a vinyl named ‘Supercast’ stretches until 40% which makes it easier to mould around curves and bumper edges.

Here’s how to vinyl-wrap a vehicle.

  1. Pick the vinyl

The vinyl can be bought in 60-inch wide rolls that are 25 feet long. This is about $2500 or less when there are images, stripes, marketing slogans and other graphic elements.

2. Prep the vehicle’s paint

Be sure to do a thorough cleaning with alcohol and paint cleaners. Next, fix up those dents, scratches and rust.

3. Remove the moulding and the mirrors

You will be able to cut the labour time down for wrapping once you have removed the vehicle’s body parts like the moulding and the mirrors first.

4. Plan the vinyl wrapping process

The installer will make use of a utility knife in order to cut the vinyl to several sections that covers the individual body panels. Then, they will use tapes or magnets to secure it in place while removing the vinyl’s backing paper and exposing the adhesive.

5. Stick the vinyl in place

When the adhesive has been exposed, stick the vinyl to the body panel’s centre or start from one side. Smooth this out using a Teflon squeegee or your hands.

6. Stretch the vinyl out

A heat gun or a torch encourages the vinyl to be elastic and stretch out. Pre-stretching also helps shrink it to concave panels.

7.Cut the edges off

Cut the edges off using a utility knife. The one having breakaway blades is better.

8.Deal with the seams

Some overlap vinyl sheets and cut the seams using a knife. Others overlap the seam with an edge away from the vehicle’s line of sight.


If you are not willing to deal with the labour time that needs to be invested in this project, you can check for a company that does these Sydney signs or vehicle wraps. They can surely do this in lesser time than you with the utmost precision due to their extensive experience in vehicle wrapping.

Steps In Polishing Concrete

Polishing is considered a special technique because of the multiple steps that are involved with the utilization of proper tools as well as equipment in order to achieve the desired high quality result. This article will cover briefly regarding the process involved in polishing. Remember that in each task you may have to tackle various conditions and changes. This is why it is important to ask the suppliers of the equipment and material for their suggestions on how to use their products properly in your specific application.

The process of polishing concrete is comparable to when you are sanding a wooden floor. Machines that are attached with abrasives made of diamonds, resembling sandpaper, are used on the surface of the cement to grind away until the desired level of shine and smoothness is achieved. Just like in sanding wood, abrasives must be gradually changed from coarser-grit until it reaches finer-grit. In the case of cement polishing, grit refers to the diamond’s particle size. The end result should give you a finish that is glossy and mirror-like.

Here are the basic steps used in polishing:

  • First, you have to remove the current coat. If it is a thick coating, diamond abrasive to be used should have a grit of 16 or 20. Other aggressive tools specially designed to remove coating may also be used.
  • Make sure that all the cracks are sealed as well as the joints. Use an epoxy or other alternative that is a semi-rigid filter to accomplish this.
  • Start grinding with a metal bonded diamond that has a grit of 30 or 40.
  • Follow up grinding with another metal bonded diamond with a grit of 80.
  • Then you have to upgrade the metal bonded diamond to 150 or a finer alternative if you want.
  • To make the concrete dense, chemical hardener should be applied.
  • Start polishing with resin bonded diamond with a grit of 100 or 200, a combination of these two is also recommended.
  • Upgrade to one with a 40 grit, then 800 and eventually into 1500 or 3000. This will depend on the level of sheen you want.

If you want to get better result, hire a professional Floor Polishing company in Geelong.


Top 3 Benefits Of Car Insurance

One of the benefits that you can get from ประกันภัยรถยนต์ is financial peace of mind. With a premium, you can be sure that you can get assistance on the road, anytime you have an issue. Apart from that, there are other reasons why car users and drivers make it a point to have their car insured. Here are some of those reasons.

Legal Security

With car insurance, you can be sure that if anything happens while you are on the road, your insurance will cover all your liabilities and you can also claim for the liability of others, if ever damage is incurred against you or your property. Claims vary from one place to another, depending on local laws. Claims will also differ based on the coverage of your insurance.

Protection from Unwanted Expenses

This is one of the best benefits of having ประกันภัยรถยนต์. In the incident that you damaged a vehicle, you don’t have to worry because your insurance benefits will respond to your financial needs.  The amount will vary on your coverage so it would be ideal for you to get comprehensive insurance so you can pay the entire value of the car or property you damaged through the insurance. Comprehensive car insurance also covers personal accidents or hospitalization bills during untoward incidents. When your car is insured, you have financial protection regardless who is at fault.

Vehicle Preservation

Another benefit of having car insurance is that you can easily claim for damage or repair expenses to preserve your vehicle. This will prove to be essential when you want to resell your vehicle. By having a well-maintained vehicle, you increase its market value compared to vehicles that are worn and with less maintenance.

ประกันภัยรถยนต์ holders are also provided with perks such as road assistance for 24 hours. You can also customize your premium based on your budget and needs. To find out how you can get more out of your car insurance at an affordable rate, request for quotes or talk with a car insurance agent today for more information and assistance.


Justifying A Decision To Rent A Condo In Bangkok

There is never a dull moment when you are in Bangkok. It is teeming with life, color and happiness. You will never get bored because there are different types of entertainment that will suit your requirements. If you want to take a break from shopping, you can take a bus and relax at one of the beaches.

One thing you will notice in Bangkok is the growing number of infrastructures being built these days. There are plenty of hotels, office buildings, condominiums and apartments for one who wishes to make a property investment. However, if being tied to one place does not appeal to your senses, your best option is to rent. On the other hand, buying a condo unit seems like a fantastic deal due to the affordable prices. The price is almost a dream come true for many people who have been so used to expensive condos and apartments.

If you invest in a condo, you end up paying for your own services and maintenance. Rents can be ridiculously cheap and you are spared of the responsibility to undertake repairs and replacements. In Bangkok, it is very easy to rent a 1-bedroom condo with a balcony that is just a few meters away from the center of the city.  When you get bored with the condo unit, you can easily search for something new and more convenient in a different area.

The money you have saved to purchase a house or a condo unit can saved in the bank for future expenses. Who knows if someday you will eventually decide to invest on a home of your own? Meanwhile, you can enjoy a hassle-free life by renting an apartment in Bangkok that is close to the Skytrain or the underground metro station.

Searching for condo Bangkok for rent can be rather daunting because of the wide range of choices. Because of the high demand for accommodations from visitors and expats, there are lots of property developments in Thailand. To ensure that you get the best condo unit you can rent, work with professionals who have established a good reputation in the real property industry.