How Fathers Can Win Child Custody

More often than not, mothers always win when it comes to child custody battle. This has always been the law except for some special cases. If a father wants to have the right to raise their kids, choosing the best from many child custody lawyers in Melbourne is important in order to get at least a chance at winning.  Here are a number of things to follow.

  • Do not be late in giving child support payments. The payment should be followed depending on what is agreed upon by both parties. For informal arrangements, the father should keep all physical proofs such as written letter or receipts of them giving their child the financial support they need. For those who are struggling financially, the terms can be modified upon request but if they have the means to pay then it should be paid on time to maintain a good record.
  • The only way to get the judge’s favour is to show that there is a strong relationship between the father and the child. Though the child is staying at their mother’s place, fathers should not forget to call them often or visit them when possible. The father should also be active in the school of the child to know their progress academically.
  • Make sure that you follow through with the visitation schedule. This can be done by keeping a parenting plan or some form of a journal. This proof will prove to be very important once the court decides whether the child should be with the mother or the father.
  • If the child has school gathering or other milestone events, the father should make it a point to attend by making arrangements ahead of time.
  • The child should have a dedicated space inside the house of the father. Many of the best child custody lawyers in Melbourne will tell you that the judge will surely ask about adequate living space. If not, the father should be equipped with plans on what they are going to do for the accommodation once the custody of the child has been granted to their care.

Technology Changing The Financial Planning Industry

For the last 25 years, surveys have shown that eight in every 10 adults in Australia do not bother to seek financial advice. This is despite knowing that they would benefit a lot from doing so. The same surveys have also revealed that majority of Australians are worrying about their financial standing yet they do not do something about it. Majority of those who are not consulting financial advisors are worried about the fee they have to pay for the one-on-one sessions. Some are worried that they might have to sign up with products they don’t want while others do not trust the financial market. A new trend has now popped up because of the presence of financial planning website where clients can get advice through the help of technology.

It is true that some people think they do not need a financial advisor since they are not earning much like millionaires with a lot of wealth and assets. This is why the idea of robo-advisers has become quite popular to the masses because the fees are cheaper. Through technology, clients get to have automated advices therefore bridging the gap between consumers and financial industry.

This is the reason why fintech companies are developing robo-advisers – in order to provide advices to people either through their phones or online medium. The robots can be very simple while others are more sophisticated. In fact, there are companies that already employ these robo-advisers. It is one of the programs offered to push employee welfare in the workforce/

According to Flare’s co-founder, James Windon, they are discussing financial health by tapping the workplace where it is offered as part of the human resources package as well as the payroll services given to all employers. Windon added that with the help of the technology platform, people are able to know more about their status financially and they can make decisions on what products will be suitable for them.

These robots can offer general advice for now but there is financial planning website available if consumers wish to talk to a financial advisor without having to meet physically. The role technology plays in the financial sector is only starting and we could only imagine what will come next.

How To Choose Roofing Specialist In Sydney

Planning to replace your current roofing material to slate? There are things you should know when choosing among the many roofing specialists in Sydney in order to ensure that you are making the right choice. When inquiring, do not forget to ask about the number of years they have been working in the industry. This will let you know how extensive their expertise when it comes to the field. There are roofing companies that just started out while others have been in the industry for decades. When choosing between the two, choose the latter.

The number of years they have been in the industry is proof that they have a lot of experience and have serviced many clients else they would not be able to survive because of the strong competition. They must have loyal customers that have made them survived the number of years in the business.

Next thing you have to ask is the roofing services they are providing. There are companies that offer a variety of services and there are those that are limited to a specialty only. Go for the former so you don’t have to hire another contractor if you have other things you need done with regards to your roof project. Failing to know beforehand might lead to a lot of hassle and at the end of the day you might spend more than usual. Hiring the same company for different services will also let you bargain for a discount.

Before hiring, make sure that you have read reviews and testimonials from previous clients of the company. This will give you an idea on how the team is when it comes to working environment, their skills and their personality which could eventually affect the work they do. You can see testimonials from their business website or you could search for independent posts by clients by using the search engine.

Last, but not the least, make sure to ask for the proof of license of the company as well as their accreditation. There are many roofing specialists in Sydney but some are actually frauds with no proof or certification to show for.

Tips For Cleaning Your Car Interior

Professional cleaning for your car’s interior can be pretty expensive, but doing it yourself can be straightforward enough; you don’t need to be an expert on Car Seat Covers or leather. On top of all of that, you probably have most of the things that you need to clean your car, which is not only good maintenance, but can pay off if you decide to sell it.


  • Vacuum cleaner. Preferably something that has an extension hose and hand-held attachments, which you’ll need for the nooks and crannies. A steam cleaning machine can also work for cleaning the interior.
  • Cleaning products.You’ll need the chemicals needed for cleaning vinyl, plastic, upholstery, and carpeting in order to clean your Car Seat Covers and dashboard. Take note of your car’s interiors and find out what you need.
  • Wiping and polishing materials. For the more serious work, you’ll need a menagerie of towels and rags like terry cloth towels for scrubbing, to lint-free, fine cloth rags for your cleaning and polishing needs. If you want to avoid scratches, your best bet is a microfiber cloth.
  • Brushes and applicators. Just as you need multiple towels for a variety of situations, you might also need multiple brushes. If in doubt, read the product’s labels; they’re there for a reason.

Carpets and Floor Mats

  • A good place to start, since these areas tend to have the most dirt. If the interior’s pretty dirty, however, save this for last, as the dirt from the cleaning will end up here.
  • Before doing anything, clean up any object that’s accumulated; coins, papers, it has to go.
  • For floor mats, go and shake the mat vigorously, shaking the dirt away. Keep in mind that some mats have indentations designed to trap water and melting snow from winter boots, and dirt can accumulate here. If that doesn’t work, use a hose.
  • For the carpet, use a vacuum, cleaning up all the nooks and crannies. After that comes the steam cleaning machine, or any carpet cleaning product. Simply spray it on and brush it off, using some elbow grease for the more problematic areas. Don’t make it too wet, as mildew and mold will grow.


  • The most common materials for your Car Seat Covers are leather, vinyl and cloth, each with their own needs. However, all of them do need a thorough vacuuming before you really get cleaning.
  • A symbol of luxury, leather can be tough to clean, as dirt tends to end up embedded into its surface, making its color dingy looking. Leather cleaning products must be applied to the seat, via towel rubbing. If you’re using a towel, always make sure you’re using the clean side. Once you’re done cleaning, dry the seat with a microfiber cloth, then leave it to dry thoroughly for a few hours. Once dry, apply a leather conditioner to keep things supple.
  • Cloth, meanwhile demands more flexibility. If it’s just general cleaning, a multipurpose upholstery cleaner can do the job. But for more problematic stains, you’ll need a specialized stain remover. Don’t use too much, as that’ll leave the interior smelling all musty.
  • Vinyl is simple to deal with. Most of what you have at home work fine. Read the label, find one that works, then spray the seats and wipe with a rag.

How To Get A Business Tax ID Number

The IRS has forms and requirements for a lot of US citizens and entities in the country, businesses included. A business tax ID number is one such requirement, with many businesses scrambling to get an EIN in Washington or wherever it is they operate. Now, it might seem daunting to try and get an EIN, but, thankfully the IRS did what they can to make the process as simple as possible.

Here are the steps.

  • Firstly, do you even need an EIN?
    • Firstly, before you go through the trouble of having to get an EIN in Washington, figure out of you need it first. If you have a business with employees that withhold taxes from their wages and salaries, or your business operates as part of a cooperation or partnership, then, yeah, you do need an EIN. Any estates, trusts and NPO’s also need EINs, whilst sole proprietorship doesn’t need one, though they can still get one if they feel like it.
  • You need one. Get in line.
    • If you do need an EIN, you can apply for one with fax, phone or mail. However, with online applications becoming more and more commonplace, the easiest way to go is via the internet, because online applicants immediately receive their EIN after application. Of course, the place to go is the IRS website.
  • Answer questions.
    • The IRS application will ask you several things. Answer them truthfully, of course, this is the IRS you’re dealing with. First, select the type of EIN you need, elaborate on why and add your details like your name and Social Security number.
  • Now you have an EIN.
    • Once the application is complete and everything checks out, the IRS will give you an EIN which will be effectively immediately. You’ll receive official IRS documentation, which will confirm your EIN. With any sort of official documentation, it’s best to keep this safe. If worst comes to pass, and you lose it, call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933, and share whatever details are needed by the IRS to reacquire your EIN. On the weird off-chance that you get an EIN but you don’t actually need it, the IRS can close your account. It’s still there if you need it, don’t worry.

Useful Tips To Ensure That The Windows Are Secure And Protected

Homeowners as well as businesses are alarmed over the rising incidences of burglaries and robberies that it became necessary to take extra measures like installing home alarm systems in Perth and fortifying their doors with as many locks as possible. However, it is common to overlook a particular vulnerability which is the window.

Burglars do not usually break in through doors because people spare no dollar when it comes to fortifying the door. A common point of entry is the windows with cheap locks and breakable glass. It makes sense that the more locks you put on a window, the more difficult it will be for a burglar to break through them. Impact resistant glass is also a good option because burglars cannot break it easily.

The traditional manner of securing windows is to install metal grilles that complement the home’s aesthetic appeal. Even if the burglars succeed in breaking the glass, the metal grilles will prevent their entry. Metal grilles with small spaces in between them are already a deterrent to burglars. If the metal grilles have large spaces, you can add decorative patterns that will make it difficult to pass through.

Floodlights are typically installed in the front of the home. A better option is to install them over the windows so that the burglar will think twice before entering the home. Trees with strong trunks should never be planted near windows because they can make access easy. If you want to improve the surrounding environment adjacent to windows, you can opt to plant thorny bushes and shrubs.

If you have a security alarm system, connect it to the doors as well as the windows. Whenever the window is opened after you have set the system, the alarm will go off and alert everyone. If you are going to add locks on the windows, install them in an unobtrusive place that cannot be seen by someone looking from the outside.

A reliable form of security that can be easily installed is home alarm systems in Perth that are proven effective to discourage intruders. However, to ensure that the home is completely secured, make sure that doors and windows are connected to the system.

Why You Need To See Your Optometrist Annually

Having a perfect vision does not give you an excuse to not visit your trusted optometrist on a yearly basis. I have talked to a local optometrist in Woronora and he shares the most important reasons why everyone should have their regular eye checkup.

  • If you have a serious illness, an eye checkup is one way for doctors to see these signs by checking the back of the eye. According to the optometrist, before any signs that a person has diabetes or high blood pressure there is already symptoms seen through the eyes such as dilated pupil. At the back of our eye is where the optic nerve is located which is connected to a person’s neurological system therefore neurological illnesses can also be detected earlier such as aneurysms, optic neuritis, and idiopathic intracranial hypertension.
  • Retinal detachment is a common occurrence among people who have undergone corrective eye surgery. If you think an eye exam is no longer necessary once you have fixed your eyes then this is where you are definitely wrong. Once the eyes have undergone surgery, there is a higher chance of experiencing retinal detachment. This should be diagnosed earlier to make sure there is no permanent damage in the vision. People with eye issues are also prone to having myopia also known as near-sightedness.
  • Do not assume that you vision will remain perfect forever. You might not need glasses before but it does not mean that you will never need them for life. It is essential to know when you must use one in order for you to perform tasks normally. Poor eyesight can affect daily tasks such as reading, using the computer and driving. For adult drivers, it is recommended to check with an eye doctor at least once annually to avoid car accidents from happening.
  • Early detection is essential because there are a number of eye conditions that when left untreated could have irreversible damage. According to a local optometrist in Woronora, one of these conditions is glaucoma because there are no evident symptoms during the early stages.