Benefits Of Using LED Strip Lighting Kit

Below are some of the helpful tips is you consider using LED strip lighting kit either for your home or office:

  • Efficiency- According to various scientific research works that have been conducted by experts in the industry, the use of LED lights especially at home has been proven to be more efficient in terms of energy consumed primarily because of the fact that LED lights are able to consume up to 90% less electrical energy compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs that were used of the older generation. Due to this fact, you will see a dramatic decrease in your power costs and you will be able to save money due to frequent maintenance and replacement costs because LED lights have relatively longer lifespans.
  • Longevity- Again, compared to conventional incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs that are found in an LED strip lighting kit, can last up to 60,000 hours when incandescent bulbs could only last up to 1,500 hours. Generally, LED lights can survive for 7 years before being replaced. Even if LED lights at your home are switched on 24 hours a day, they will have a lifespan reaching up to 6 years. If your LED lights are only switched for 4 hours a day, it might be able to live up to 34 long years.
  • Durability- If there’s one thing that can separate LED lights from incandescent or even fluorescent bulbs, it’s the durability that comes with using LED bulbs. You see, LED bulbs are solid state devices that fully-utilize semiconductor material instead of the filament or neon gas. LED bulbs employ the use of resin enclosure as its protection which basically makes LED of today sturdier. Without using components such as glass, filaments and other usually brittle materials, LED lights are made to be able to withstand shock, vibration and they can even work and survive even during extreme temperatures.
  • Safety- LED bulbs are proven to be safer when being used at home because they don’t generate heat and remain cool even when they have been switched on for hours. In fact, you can even touch them even after being open for hours without incidents or consequences.