Burning Fat And Combating Obesity And Diabetes With A Vibration Exercise Machine

It sounds a bit crazy why people long to improve their health. So why not spend time on a platform that vibrates like a vibration exercise machine. Recent studies show that the procedure is known to aid illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to cerebral palsy. A new study also shows that the whole body vibration that has similar metabolic benefits as walking on a treadmill, is also useful for treating type II diabetes and obesity.

There are many gyms featuring vibration exercise machine, and many of those users assure that it really enhances performance. The movement does seem to exercise muscles to work harder, possibly affecting some of the same effects as exercise. But researchers still can’t get the comparison, especially when people are sick. A study had been conducted by Meghan McGee Lawrence and his team from Medical College of Georgia about the comparison of the whole-body vibration and exercise to witness the mechanism of the machine.

Mr. Lawrence and his team used mutant mice for the study. The animals were resistant to the hormone leptin which resulted in diabetes and obesity. The animals were divided into three groups. One group lived in cages that had 20 minutes of shaking on a daily basis. The second group spent 45 minutes per day on a treadmill. While the third group were fed and remained lazy all throughout the day.

After 12 weeks of study, the researchers found that whole-body vibration and exercise offered comparable health benefits. All three groups gained weight during the study, but the group working on a vibration exercise machine weighed lesser than the others. They had lesser fat and thinner leg muscles.

Furthermore, the two active groups showed healthier metabolism. The group with whole-body vibration and exercise showed minimal insulin levels and increased their responsiveness to the hormone. This is similar on how obese and diabetic people react to the vibration exercise machine, where fat accumulates in the liver, which leads to organ malfunction and even death.

It goes to show that when whole-body vibration is applied on individuals, it strengthens their bones and enhance bone density. It’s one reason why you need to stimulate your bones for reinforcement.