Four Advantages Of Staying In Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination and attracts scores of visitors from across the globe. The city has a number of hotels, resorts and guesthouses to cater to the accommodation requirements of the tourists visiting the city. Considering the vast size of the city, deciding on a suitable area to book accommodation is a tough task for the first time visitors.

First time visitors to the city, looking for a luxurious hotel to stay can stay at Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is a modern and posh neighbourhood in Bangkok and has all the facilities required for vacationers. Sukhumvit is close to the central business district and has a number of malls and shopping venues. The area is also popular with the posh locals and expats for its chic nightlife venues. Though the area is far away from the popular tourist attractions, the MRT and BTS make it easy to commute to different places in the city. Most of the tourists looking for luxury vacations, prefer to stay in the five star business hotel in Sukhumvit, which offers five star facilities at affordable prices.

Some advantages of staying in Sukhumvit

  • The first advantage of picking Sukhumvit for your accommodation is that most of the hotels in Sukhumvit are located to the MTS and BRT stations. These mass transit stations make it easier to commute to different parts of the city without encountering the infamous traffic jams of Bangkok. For example, the popular business hotel inSukhumvit is located close to the Asoke BTS and Sukhumvit MRT stations.
  • Most of the popular shopping malls in the city are located in the Sukhumvit area. These high- end malls have a collection of the best brands in retail. Apart from the shopping malls, Sukhumvit is also popular for the street shopping venues, where you can buy good quality clothes and accessories at dirt cheap prices. The world class business hotel Sukhumvit is located in a walking distance from malls like Terminal 21 and Emporium.
  • It is easy to commute to the Suvarnabhoomi International airport from Sukhumvit. The area is connected to the airport through airport rail link trains via Phetchaburi MRT and Phaya Thai BTS.
  • Sukhumvit is popular for its happening nightlife venues. There are a number of fine dining restaurants and cool rooftop bars in the area. Most of the hotels in the locality have their in-house restaurants that offer great views of the city along with mouth-watering food. The dining venue at the business hotel in Sukhumvit is located on the thirty ninth floor and offers a whole new experience of sky dining to the guests.

How To Choose A Convenient Hotel Sukhumvit?

For an unforgettable unique experience, plan an exotic visit to Bangkok and see for yourself some traditional Asian culture and a fast-paced urbanized lifestyle. If you want the most memorable experience, you need to find the right convenient hotel Sukhumvit, what to do and how to go around the city. You need to find the best hotel that can accommodate you and make a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re here in Bangkok for leisure or work, you will discover that there are thousands of hotels in the main districts of the city that you can have access to tourist spots, shopping and nightlife. One can naturally have an ideal stay in a convenient hotel Sukhumvit as they can witness a great value for money. One must note that the Thai baht is much cheaper than their home currency. Hence, you will want to find a facility or amenity that is closest to those found in their home country. In Bangkok, you can find luxury, boutique to budget hotels.

In Bangkok, you can find many inexpensive hotels which will surely suit your budget and preference. Nothing to worry though as they are found near shopping centres, tourist attractions and nightlife as you are in the heart of the city. As you intend to spend more on traveling the city and its surroundings, you pay less for your hotel accommodation. Especially when you travel during off-season which is between March to November, you can get special deals and discounts offered by these hotels. You can find some great quality budget hotels before you leave for Bangkok.

If you are loaded with cash and want a lavish accommodation, a luxurious stay in Bangkok would be at a convenient hotel Sukhumvit district. This is where you find recognized international hotel chains and boutique hotels, with restaurants offering a variety of local Thai to international cuisines. There are also nightclubs and pubs to be at especially if you are out for a great nightlife.

How to commute in Bangkok will need you to utilize taxis, tuk-tuks, the BTS and MRT stations, buses and river transports. However, if you want to travel conveniently in these areas, you need to travel by train, as Bangkok can be traffic congested all the time. The stations can also make you find tourist attractions with maps available in English.

4 Benefits Of Booking In A Club Sky Lounge In Bangkok

If you intend to visit Bangkok anytime soon, whether for business purposes, a meeting or for holidays, look for a club sky lounge in Bangkok where you can enjoy the city while staying in a comfortable and posh hotel. If you are in the city for a corporate event, it would be wise to book in a club sky lounge instead of having the event in an ordinary meeting room. Some of the advantages of having your meeting in a classy sky lounge include the following.

Exclusive lounge access

One benefit of having your meeting in a sky lounge is you get total privacy including the conduct of your meeting in style and comfort. There are Bangkok hotels with sky lounges located at the upper floors such as at the 10th and 15th floors.

Breath taking view

Among other things that make booking in a club sky lounge in Bangkok more interesting is the view it offers.Since sky lounges are generally located at the upper floors of the hotel, guests can enjoy panoramic view of the city’s skyline especially at night. When you have been using your computer for several hours, you can rest your eyes every now and then by looking at the city’s skyline.

Ideal for corporate meetings

Sky lounge is designed to provide a conducive and comfortable venue for corporate activities and business meetings. The lounge is also suitable for working projects, preparation of reports, discussions and similar activities. There are indoor sky lounge for 50 persons while outdoor lounge can accommodate up to 24 individuals. For meeting rooms, they can take in eight persons. All sky lounges have two internet-connected computers and facilities.

Numerous perks

By booking at a club sky lounge in Bangkok, you can enjoy numerous perks such as complimentary international breakfast buffets, complimentary drinks and finger food in the evening. You will also be offered with up to 15% discount on ala carte menu at their select bars and restaurants. This is on top of complimentary pressing/laundry of two items every day.Visit the website of the hotel with sky lounge to know more about their offers.

Tips For First Time Travelers In Pattaya

When it comes to being tourist friendly in Thailand, Pattaya is on top of the list. There are a lot of ATMs in the area, fast food outlets, international restaurants, convenience stores and Western shops. For tourists, there are a lot of exclusive deals in Pattaya as long as they know where to look. The downside of the influx of tourism is that the safety and quiet of the town is no longer the way it used to be. For first time travellers visiting Pattaya, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Weather. There are three main seasons in Pattaya – the warm wet season, the warm dry season which is equivalent to a winter and the hot dry season. Tourists often come during the winter months because the weather is not too hot and there is almost no rain during this season. This is between the months of November until February. After winter is the hot season.

Money. The local currency of Thailand is baht. One can find ATMs all over the city and there are also currency exchange booths that are connected to the local banks. Credit cards can only be used in high-end restaurants and big shops. For smaller businesses, only cash is accepted. If you want to save money, buy from local markets and shops instead of international brands.

Transportation. The city is small thus, the mode of transportation is only a few. Most of the people ride blue buses known to locals as songthaew and these are the most affordable mode of transportation. Riding a taxi can be quite expensive because they are from Bangkok and are only taking passengers on their way back to the metropolitan. Majority of the drivers charge a fix fee and does not agree with meter-charging. There is also a motorbike taxi in the area but it is not the safest mode of transport because there is no helmet provided for the passengers.

Tourists planning to visit the city should find exclusive deals in Pattaya ahead of time in order to save from accommodations and other costs.

4 Tips For Choosing A Hotel In Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. It is home to some prestigious Buddhist temples, vibrant and rich markets, breath-taking lakes and parks along with fascinating culture and history. Myanmar may be full of old temples and ancient structures but it does not fall short in terms of modern and trendy hotels. If you are planning to visit Yangon, look for a hotel in Myanmar where you can have a comfortable stay in the area without going beyond your budget. To do that, take a look at these simple ideas.

Excellent location

If you are in Burma, the former name of Myanmar, whether for a holiday or business trip, choose a hotel that is located at the heart of the city of Yangon. This will help you to get an easy access to historical sites and tourist spots without difficulty. Another advantage of choosing a hotel within the city is you can easily find hotels and transportation that will enable you to get from one point to another. Select a hotel where you can access things and services that you will need while in Yangon.

Excellent service and hospitality

Before you book a reservation for a hotel in Myanmar, make it a point to read customer reviews and testimonials. Another option is to check the hotel’s ratingsbefore coming up with a decision. The reviews are provided by actual customers and you can usually find them in the hotel’s website and third party review sites.

Hotel amenities

Another consideration in picking a hotel in Myanmar are its facilities. The facilities are important as it will help make your stay more enjoyable and comfortable. Choose a hotel with high-speed internet access, fully functional kitchen and stylish bathroom with branded toiletries. It would also be best to pick a hotel with availableroom service and 24-hour front desk.


An excellent hotel in Myanmar does not mean you would pay an excessive amount for this. Choose a hotel offers affordable rates or one that offers discounts and promos to its customers. Book for packages to lower your overall expenses.

Spending Your Vacation In The Best Hotel In Sukhumvit

You’re in for a surprise if you are planning an exotic vacation to Bangkok. If you’re looking into spending most of your stay in the heart of the city, try to get the best hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation. There’s more to expect in a day the moment you arrive and leave the country. You will surely enjoy here that you want to come back for more.

When visiting Thailand, you may perceive the Thai people living in grass huts with stone fireplaces. Obviouslythis is not true.The cosmopolitan Bangkok is filled with several concrete dwellings, skyscrapers and marbled shopping malls. You can be amazed with how it really looks nowadays.

When planning a trip to Bangkok, try to look into staying in the best hotel in Sukhumvit area. Sukhumvit is the heart of Bangkok where you find commercial centres intended for the locals, tourists and expats. Here you experience Thai’s hospitality and charm. It’s certain that you’ll find Starbucks at one corner of the city, but you still are aware that you’re in an exotic country like Thailand.

The SukhumvitRoad is a major road running through its name. Right above the Sukhumvit road is the BTS Skytrain, an elevated two-way train system that is air-conditioned so you can zip amidst the ridiculously congested streets of Bangkok. It can also take you to various destinations within the city limits.

In this side of Bangkok, you will find varied price range for the best hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation. However, there’s no need to spend a lot for great rooms and courteous service. There are many inexpensive hotels in Bangkok that can provide you an excellent room with great service. They offer free buffet breakfast and other useful amenities such as free Wi-Fi access. The rooms can run for as low as US$50 per night, which is acceptable if you want the best in this city.

So don’t overspend on the best hotel in Sukhumvit unless you are sure you are fully loaded. If it’s your first time to visit Bangkok, stay in a great hotel in Sukhumvit. It’s actually everything you need for an excellent vacation.