Different Types Of Marquees Available And Their Features

A marquee is a super stylish and convenient solution for planning parties and events in places with space constraint. There are many varieties of marquees available for hire and choosing an apt type of marquee to suit the theme of the party and the surroundings is a tough task.

I have compiled a list of different types of marquees to help people searching for marquee hire in Sydney, to plan a party. The list has some commonly available types of marquees.

Framed Marquee

The framed marquee gives a lot of open space inside as it does not required any supporting poles. This type of marquee is supported by a frame setup on the outside. This allows for free movement of guests and offers an unobstructed view of the entire space. The internal setting can be done to match the requirements of the theme, as this type of marquee does not have any internal poles to distract the theme. The framed marquee is convenient to set up on any type of surface. Enquire your marquee hire in Sydney for a framed marquee if you want a large space for free movement and a neat decoration inside.

Trapeze marquees

These marquees are also known as tension marquees as they are set up using tension rods. These trendy and chic looking marquees are resistant to winds and enhance the theme of any party or gathering. If you want to create a definitive look and impress your guests, order for a trapeze marquee from your preferred marquee hire in Sydney and get ready to party in style.

Traditional marquee

The vintage style marquees are erected using ropes and poles. The traditional style marquees are suitable if you are planning a classic or vintage theme party. The interiors of these marquees can be designed to suit the theme of the gathering or party.

Chinese hat marquees

These marquees resemble the Chinese hat and are open at the sides. The trendy marquees can be used to create separate spaces and highlight them.

Stretch tent

These marquees are new entrants to the party scene. These unique style marquees can be erected on all types of surfaces and are suitable for all types of weathers. They have a trendy design and are generally seen in places and events with large gatherings.

Choose a marquee depending upon the weather, the theme of the event and the surface of the place. Contact a reputed marquee hire in Sydney to help you with the selection process.

Valuable Tips When Searching For A Wedding Planner

In today’s digital age, you simply go online when searching for a wedding planner. However, how will you be able to determine whether you can have a good working relationship with the wedding planner? Can you judge a person by simply browsing the website and looking at weddings that have been previously planned and coordinated?

How to search for a wedding planner you will love

  • When you search for a wedding planner online, don’t just look at the recent photographs of weddings; look for information on the services that they offer. It is very likely that the website has some reviews; invest time and efforts in reading what other brides have to say about their services.
  • It is typical to make a shortlist of wedding planners that you found through online search. Set an appointment for at least 3 wedding planners and prepare for the interview. It is very likely that you have gained an idea on the weddings they have coordinated from the website. At the meeting, get a sense of events they have planned includingtheme, style and colours.
  • Share with the wedding planner your ideas for the wedding and determine whether it is met with enthusiasm. Remember that you will be working with the wedding planner for a few months. It is important to choose one who will ensure that your ideas will be used; after all it is your wedding day and not the wedding planner’s. Ask how they can pull off the vision that is on your mind.
  • Do not feel pressured to hire the wedding planner immediately. Ask for referrals and make sure to call couples they have worked with and confirm the professionalism of the wedding planner. Was the wedding exactly what they wanted and did the wedding plans proceed smoothly? Were there last minute issues and how were the issues dealt with?

The main reason why couples hire Sydney wedding planner is to ensure that the wedding preparations run smoothly without any last minute issues. Since wedding planners have the skills and experience, it is expected that they can do a better job dealing vendors, decoration selections and event setup.