How Fathers Can Win Child Custody

More often than not, mothers always win when it comes to child custody battle. This has always been the law except for some special cases. If a father wants to have the right to raise their kids, choosing the best from many child custody lawyers in Melbourne is important in order to get at least a chance at winning.  Here are a number of things to follow.

  • Do not be late in giving child support payments. The payment should be followed depending on what is agreed upon by both parties. For informal arrangements, the father should keep all physical proofs such as written letter or receipts of them giving their child the financial support they need. For those who are struggling financially, the terms can be modified upon request but if they have the means to pay then it should be paid on time to maintain a good record.
  • The only way to get the judge’s favour is to show that there is a strong relationship between the father and the child. Though the child is staying at their mother’s place, fathers should not forget to call them often or visit them when possible. The father should also be active in the school of the child to know their progress academically.
  • Make sure that you follow through with the visitation schedule. This can be done by keeping a parenting plan or some form of a journal. This proof will prove to be very important once the court decides whether the child should be with the mother or the father.
  • If the child has school gathering or other milestone events, the father should make it a point to attend by making arrangements ahead of time.
  • The child should have a dedicated space inside the house of the father. Many of the best child custody lawyers in Melbourne will tell you that the judge will surely ask about adequate living space. If not, the father should be equipped with plans on what they are going to do for the accommodation once the custody of the child has been granted to their care.