How To Grow Wholesale Orchid Plants In Your Home?

Orchids usually grow outdoors and will seem difficult to make it bloom in the indoors. However, you can buy orchids that grow indoors or in a greenhouse. You need to be aware with the conditions and characteristics that orchids have to grow as a result of a healthy indoor living condition. Below are some helpful tips on how to handle wholesale orchid plants you just bought.

As compared to typical plants, orchids never grow in soil. If you have to plant an orchid in soil, it will kill the plant. Orchids usually grow on the bark of trees in the wild. If you have to raise orchids in your backyard, it needs to be grown in a similar way. Pots must be filled with loosely packed materials such as stones or barks. Water can drain it quickly and will expose the orchid roots to the air. Also, if wholesale orchid plants are left soaked in water, they will also die.

Orchids also need to have the same temperature variations that make them grow in the wild. Orchids can go through a variety of temperatures between day and night time hours. The temperatures can be attained indoors if you drop it at night by a minimum of ten degrees. This should make the flower of the orchid bloom easily. The wholesale orchid plants may survive such change of temperature; however, they cannot grow with it.

The colour of the leaf on the orchid will tell if the plant gets enough amount of sunlight. If there isn’t enough sunshine, the leaves of the orchid will turn dark green. If the leaves have a grassy colour, then it has the right amount of sunlight needed for blooming. If there is excessive sunlight, it can also result to a yellowish colour of the leaves.

It can really be an exciting experience when you grow wholesale orchid plants inside your home. Utilize the research above to help your orchid plant transition from the outdoors to the indoors without endangering its life. If you follow the instructions for caring an indoor orchid, you can expect a wonderful colour of your orchid growing inside your home.