How To Pick Out The Best Shower Glass Door

If you are dreaming about a shower that is equipped with seamless glass door, there are a few factors you should consider when picking out your shower door. It is also important to ask the advice of a professional such as the staff of Economy Glass or the local glass company of your choice. Here is a list of things to keep in mind while shopping for a new shower glass door.

  • The first thing you have to consider is the money you have allotted for the shower door. This is not the best part of the decision making process but is essential to start here. Glass companies usually give an estimate of how much the glass door along with installation would cost. You can also provide the budget you have and a good company will be able to work around that amount to give you the shower door of your dreams.
  • Function should be the second factor to consider before choosing your shower door. You must inspect the materials of your walls and the supporting studs are located in order to determine how heavy the glass door you can choose. This will narrow down your options and will help eliminate those that are not suitable for your bathroom.
  • Consider the available bathroom space you have before choosing the shower door. It must not make the room feel claustrophobic but it should give the illusion of a spacious bathroom without obstructing function.
  • Look into the maintenance required by your chosen shower door. Sealed glass doors normally require more cleaning compared to shower door that has a gap above the door.

Glass shower doors are better compared to other materials because it keeps water from leaking outside, there is no need to dry the door afterwards and cleaning is not as often. In the end, your personal choice will greatly affects the type and style of shower glass door that you will choose. According to Economy Glass, dark bathrooms should have clear glass doors for light to be able to enter while sufficiently lit bathrooms can have milkier types of glass doors in order to offer more privacy.