Introduction To CompTIA Certification

If you are an IT professional looking for some entry level certifications, CompTIA training in Melbourne is the way to go. There are many options for certifications such as Security+, Network+ and A+. The certification program offered by CompTIA is vendor neutral thus it is the most widely used in the industry of Information Technology. Within 20 years, it has awarded over 2 million certificates. There are four different levels when it comes to CompTIA certifications – foundational, professional, master, and specialty.

Both the basic and master categories only have a single certification as of the moment but the professional level awards nine certifications that are recognized internationally. This level alone will help a professional IT to be proficient in a number of areas such as project management, security, server and Linux administration, networking, and cloud computing. With the specialty level, there are four certifications covered including healthcare IT, document imaging, trainers and cloud essentials.

In the foundational level, there is only one certification and that is the CompTIA IT Fundamentals. This is recommended for beginners who have basic knowledge of how a PC functions and what is compatible. One must also be familiar with topics in technology like security risks and prevention, hardware basics, basic networking, and software installation. There are two versions of the exam – proctored and non-proctored.

The professional level is ideal for professionals that are targeting a specific career in the IT sector including storage, project management, computer support, networking and security. The three most widely awarded certifications are Security+, Network+ and A+. There are others such as Server+, Linux+, Project+, Cloud+, Mobility+ and CSA+.

The master level also has one certification under it – the CASP certification or CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification. This is ideal for IT professionals that are already seasoned when it comes to security in an enterprise setting. There are no prerequisites when getting the certificate but one must have 10 year of experience in the IT sector and at least 5 years of experience in the technical security department. CompTIA training in Melbourne is important for those who want to apply in network solutions companies as well as in the army or navy.