Introduction To Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL)

It isn’t that difficult understanding what TEFL is all about. Just from the acronym itself, Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL, you’d be able to know what TEFL is for. TEFL, TESOL, ELT, ESOL, ESP, EAP, EAL, the list of acronyms can go on and on and terms may vary country by country but at the end of the day, the goal is still the same: to teach non-speakers and non-native speakers the English language.

If you would think about it, English is currently the lingua franca of many aspects. From international business, science, education, technology, DIPLOMACY, music, entertainment, radio and even aviation, all of these make use of the English language as a standard or common language.

English isn’t just a ‘foreign’ language. It is an international language that people use all over the world to communicate with other people of different tongues and languages. In fact, English is one of the widely known and widely accepted lingua franca. If you don’t know what a lingua franca is, it is basically a common language that people of different mother tongues use to communicate and understand each other. While there are also other popular lingua franca like Spanish, French and Mandarin, English stands out because when people travel to other countries or places with a different language, they mostly use English to communicate with the locals.

English is so widespread and is so widely used that it only makes sense why people from non-English speaking countries would want to learn it.

For most students, the best way they would be able to learn English is from a native speaker and that is what happens with TEFL. Native English speakers are trained so that they could travel to different countries and teach non-speakers the language.

There could be many reasons why non-speakers would want to learn the language. Some people learn English so that they could integrate to a society where English is the widely used tongue. There are also people who learn the language to become more competent, improve their studies and even widen their business opportunities.

But no matter what the reason, TEFL teachers are sure to help you in the most effective way possible. TEFL also provides numerous opportunities to English teachers when they want to teach in Thailand, South Korea or any country.