Kawasaki Ready To Launch Ninja H2

For the upcoming show in Milan, Kawasaki is planning to launch a super-tourer which is obtained from the Ninja H2 concept. The new model is expected to dramatically change the premium market focused in fast-touring in just a single night. This new offering made Kawasaki motorcycle dealers excited along with riders.

This model will be the first kind in the tourer department which will utilize the supercharger technology. The main goal is to offer the best combination of explosive torque along with power. At the same time, it aims to have the best in terms of fuel economy while delivering a smooth refinement that can level the Bentley GT.

Though it has not been confirmed yet, the model will be called Ninja H2 SX. The name might create confusion but people have to keep in mind that the bike is particularly a touring one. This is not a two-seater version of the impressive model which is Ninja H2R. It won’t be lacking in the power department but the development team in charge has focused their talents in creating a motorbike that will offer mid-range drive and fuel capacity. It is expected that the bike’s level of power and torque will be quite impressive but the fuel consumption will be as expected which is similar to the Versys 1000.

According to a source from Japan, the H2 engine has undergone some work such as remapping in order to reach 200bhp while the boost is tangible reaching middle range. This may be the first model to carry the supercharger of Kawasaki with variable booster.

In a previous show conducted in Tokyo, the company showed off an engine with vanes on the inlet of the supercharger which has the capacity to open and close with the help of a mechanical actuator. There were talks that this type of engine will be a smaller version and will have a lighter electric motor, which is responsible for the vanes operation.

The rest of the models which Kawasaki is going to release are expected to be of premium types. Riders and enthusiasts will be heading to the nearest Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in order to get their hands on these latest beauties.