Changing Website Design: Things To Consider

If you want to change the design of your website, you can hire web designers in Perth that can help you get the job done. Changing web designs is an essential part of the life of a website especially when you’re running a business website. Tastes and preferences of potential customers always change along with other changes in trends in design and, later on, you may find that the look of your website has become unappealing. Often times, your current web design may have become unfriendly to new visitors compared to other websites and the websites of your competitors. Or, maybe, your current design cannot serve the purpose of the website as it once did. But before changing the design of your website, there are a few things that you need to consider first.

Why change?

In every step and every decision, reason is always essential. You must first have a reason to do every thing that you do in your everyday life. It’s the same with changing your web design. You must first have a reason to change it. Reasons for change may vary. It may be because you want your site appear more aesthetically appealing for your visitors. It can also be that you want the layout to be user-friendlier compared to before. And it could also be that you want it to be more accessible and optimized for search engines.

Whatever the reason is for changing web designs, it is essential that the reason exists. Elsewise, changing the design for no reason may just turn-off frequent visitors and repel potential customers.

Invest in commercial web editing

Once you’ve found a reason to change your web design, you may have to edit it over and over again and time and time again depending on various other reasons for changing it. At first, editing your web design may not be as difficult as building one. But once you’re into the cycle of redesigning your website as time goes by, you may realize that it takes a lot of the time you may have used for other aspects of your life as well. To minimize this hassle, you may want to consider investing in commercial web editors.

Many commercial web editor programs, compared to the free programs, allow you to easily manage site changes on a single template only. Instead of applying changes to different pages one-by-one, most commercial web editors allow you to apply the changes to all of the pages at the same time. Investing in one may save you a lot of time in editing your website. Or, if you want to completely get rid of the hassle, hiring someone to edit the site for you is also an option albeit a more expensive one.

Backing up

Before doing anything drastic to your website (like a complete design overhaul), you’ll want to back up your old design first. The changes you envisioned on your new web design might not bring the results you envisioned it to bring. Sometimes, following a trend may even be detrimental for your cause. At other times, your old and frequent visitors might find prefer the traditional design they have been accustomed to. Backing up your old design helps you undo all of the changes you’ve done to it if you realize that changing the site design did more damage than good to your cause.

A Brief Recall Of How Holiday Sweaters And Parties Came About

There are some unique traditions that will never fade. One of these is the ugly sweater party every holiday season. This trendy tradition started decades ago and has picked up its pace once more. There are several business owners that are profiting from the ugly Christmas sweater craze. Thrift stores and high end retail stores alike are selling ugly Christmas sweaters. If you visit, you will find assorted ugly sweaters for you.

History of holiday sweaters

It is difficult to pinpoint where the holiday sweater and parties began. There are only a few garments that are exposed to so much critiquing and scorn yet remained very popular. As to the origin of the sweater, one writer said that knitting patterns were already popular even before the 1950s. It was also during those years when the commercialization of Christmas took place. It would be safe then to say that the sweaters were already around since then.

As the sweaters become more and more ornamented and bedazzled, some people decided to celebrate its gaucheness. The first ever festivity held in honor of the ugly sweaters was in Vancouver and was thrown in the early 2000. The party was organized by Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch. The ugly Christmas sweater party has become a hit and has since become an annual event. It continues to attract large crowds. The creators and starters of the party are thrilled with their idea booming and they are now considered as the official trend setter of the ugly sweater party.

In 2007, a group of esteemed gentlemen who were inspired by the holiday trend of ugly sweaters launched a website on Christmas sweater party. The founders of the website have since been gathering sweaters and selling them online and have been raking in lofty profits. They even published a book on the topic of ugly sweaters. In the book they explained in detail to the readers everyone has to know about ugly Christmas sweaters. The book also consisted of photos of some of the worst Christmas sweaters that they have come across with.

You perhaps have watched how this trend grew and become popular, it is not too late to jump into the bandwagon and start your own thrift store.

How Unique Packaging Can Influence A Purchasing Decision

A friend suggested Paper Mart when I was searching the web for packaging boxes for my homemade brownies, cakes and banana bread. I wanted my products to standout and eye-catching bakery boxes will surely help sell my products. Since I have been a customer myself of many bakeries and bread shops, I know for a fact, that good packaging not only enhances aesthetics, it can whet the appetite.

The good thing with Paper Mart is the large selection of packaging supplies including affordable rolls of multi-colored ribbons and gift wrapping when my products are given away as gifts. In most instances, customers prefer their packaging to be personalized to make the product different from those that are available in the market. Customers can find brownies and cakes everywhere but most prefer products that are homemade because they taste different from those that are mass produced in thousands. I had this idea to give them something unique by making packaging different from what the others offer.

I have had nice labels designed for my boxes. This is a technique I learned to distinguish my packaging from others. Since I am still in the initial stage my small business, my retail outlet is the internet. I also make it a point to sell my products at fairs, city events and festivals. At first, I actually though that Paper Mart will overlook my orders considering I was only starting with a few dozen boxes. Fortunately, they deliver very quickly no matter the size of the order.

First impressions always make a difference. A few years ago when I went to visit New York, there were impressive packaging designs that caught my eye. Creative packaging designs help make a product noticeable from any view angle. It is very easy for creative packaging to catch the attention of consumers and make them decide that it is a “must buy”. There are also packaging designs online that gave me inspiration with own packaging.

It is important to pay attention to packaging because it is the first thing that a customer will notice. Even before the customer tastes the product, the packaging should already influence a purchasing decision.

The Brony Fandom: Surprising, Unexpected And Acceptable

My Little Pony has existed since the 80’s and what started as a simple toy quickly rose to popularity amongst the little girls who had taken a fascination to the ponies. Then the animated TV show, My Little Pony, aired on TV and touched the hearts of almost every little girl.

Fast forward to 2010, Hasbro Inc., the company responsible for My Little Pony, decided to recreate the show and making it more suitable for the little girls of this new generation. The reboot was entitled “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

The new show immediately became a hit with little girls from every corner of the world dragging their parents in front of the TV to watch the fourth generation of the My Little Pony franchise. Although girls were the target demographic of the show, it has also managed to attract an unlikely following of adult men.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Yes, many grown men have seemed to have taken an obsession with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Soon after, this following was given a name and that name is Brony. What started from an internet meme soon became the trademark of the adult male fans.

Brony is combination of the words bro and pony. Brony in itself means bros who love ponies.

The entire Brony fandom was given wide publicity and almost none of it too positive. Bronies were heavily persecuted in the cyber world. Some were even bullied to the point of suicide.

The general public did not expect the fandom and they did not understand how grown men would love to watch girl’s shows. The bronies became social outcasts but they found solace, friendship and support with one another. Their fandom soon turned into a brotherhood that supports each other.

In my humble opinion, it is quite shocking to find grown men watching girly shows but that people should not have exercised their freedom of expression in opposition and scrutiny of these men. For me, it is all a matter of perspective. These men found something in the cartoon that many other people did not and maybe that was what made them love the show.

Bronies should be allowed to do what makes them happy without the scrutiny of other people. Democracy allows us the freedom to choose and express. So if you think that bronies are just wasting their lives watching cartoons and wasting money on its merchandise like toys, shirts, hoodies, and other collectibles, then why not keep the thoughts to yourselves because these people are just doing what makes them happy and also doing what democracy allows us to do: to choose and express.

Death Toll Increases In Bangladesh Due To Political Unrest

Dhaka, Bangladesh- At least 7,000 people were arrested and thirty one are confirmed dead in weeks following political violence in the country.

Most of those who died were victims of arson attacks made by militant groups in buses and cars. There were also a number of people who died in bomb blasts.

The Reason For The Violent Protests

On January 5, Bangladesh National Party (BNP), the opposition to the ruling government called for a nationwide strike and road blockade. BNP has 19 political party allies and they have a growing number of supporters from the private sector.

January 5 marked the anniversary of the disputed Bangladesh elections. According to the opposing party, there was deception during elections and the votes casted were rigged by the incumbent party. Bangladesh National Party and their allies boycotted the elections as they lost trust in their government.

Thousands of civilians wounded and killed

Several incidents of bus torching took place in the capital city of Bangladesh and neighboring towns. The Communication Minister said that at least seven people from the transport group were killed in the recent violent attacks. A total of 200 buses were torched.

The government banned the use of social media applications so protest leaders could not campaign for their activity. The head of law and order in Bangladesh said in a statement that 7,015 people are held in prison because they participated in the violent protest and bus torching.

There are thousands of innocent civilians caught in between the violence of the opposing party and the government’s military effort to restore peace.

Industry Minister Amir Hossain Amu said that the government is offering a $1,300 reward for anyone who can give information regarding to the whereabouts of the masterminds of the series of attacks.

How business industries faired in light of recent attacks

The economy of Bangladesh is down for several weeks following the political unrest. This effect is expected of a nation that is torn in an internal warfare. BPO industry, packaging industry, manufacturing and service sectors took a strong hit from the tug of war of power in politics. If the situation in Bangladesh worsens, the economy will dip further and the ordinary people will suffer the most.

Reality Star Reveals Struggle With Lyme Disease

One of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster, had been absent for a month and her last blog entry was posted days before Christmas on Bravo. But in the most recent update she had posted, the 51 year-old wife of multi-award winning composer David Foster, revealed that she had her struggles with Lyme disease is not yet over. She had also revealed that she had a recent relapse that is why she wasn’t able to post anything on the Bravo website.

Yolanda has been diagnosed with the disease three years ago and has been undergoing treatment ever since. She was only able to achieve 60% recovery until her relapse in early December. Since then, the Real Housewives star admitted that she hasn’t been able find her way back.

Yolanda first told her fans regarding her condition last December 2012 by way of Twitter. To those who don’t know, Neuro Borellia Lyme disease is an illness where bacteria spread through a tick bite. When one is bitter by an infected tick, the results would include fever, depression, fatigue and rash. More serious cases have been known to affect the central nervous system that is why treatment is always important. But the effects on Yolanda were far more serious because the symptoms have impaired the former model’s ability to live her life with how she wants it.

The star had revealed that she had lost the ability to read, write and even simply watching TV. She is unable to process any information as well as any stimulation.

The most terrible thing about her condition is that there is no proper knowledge on how to treat Lyme disease although there is a number of data concerning the illness that even dates back to 1908.

Since then, the Real Housewives star has been traveling around the world in search of better treatment. Yolanda has been to Korea and it is now revealed that she is currently in Singapore.

Yolanda Foster is very thankful for her husband’s support. They have been married since 2011. She is also thankful for the continuous support her fans are giving her and that she is truly sorry for not having been able to post updates lately as her condition makes it hard for her to do so.

“God gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.” She says in a photo.

IT Consultant A Self-Confessed Brony

Rob Harrison, a 34-year-old self-confessed Brony is obsessed with the magical ponies and has spent thousands on articles and items associated with My Little Pony. Rob, a male IT consultant, from Vancouver, Canada is one of the members of adult male fans who adore the make-believe horses. The group has their own name “Bronies” which is derived from the two words “Bro” and “ponies”.

He confessed that he enjoys watching My Little Pony especially the characters Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack in his TV screen. He even filled his house with memorabilia from the said TV show. He owns My Little Pony plush toys and even full body costumes which he and fellow bronies wear to their conventions.

Rob is currently single and proudly admits that he is not bothered with people who laugh at his preferred obsession. He confessed that at first he did not pay any attention to the show because he thought it was meant for girls but was amazed when he found out that the target audience is the general public.

Rob loves anything related to cartoons ever since and owns a lot of things that his closest friends and relatives are already aware of his hobby.

He is used to people making fun of him and instead of bothering, he just laughs with them. He considers his obsession just like any other hobby and his fellow bronies as guys who shares the same interest.

Rob discovered his interest in the show last 2013 when he helped out with BronyCAN, Canada’s biggest My Little Pony Convention for males. After the event, he felt at home with all the males who share the same interest and realised that the group is a lot of fun.

After the convention, Rob realised how much he liked the show and everything about the brand. The bronies started out as an internet community and then they scheduled meet-ups which are mostly drinking parties. My Little Pony paved the way for them to find each other and have some fun over a common interest.

The IT consultant even revealed that he travels for My Little Pony meetings. Seattle, USA, UK and Germany are just some of the places he have been to because of the conventions planned by bronies all around the globe.

An ex-girlfriend tried introducing my Little Pony to Rob but failed to take interest at that time. He shares how his new hobby does not hinder his social life.