Reality Star Reveals Struggle With Lyme Disease

One of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster, had been absent for a month and her last blog entry was posted days before Christmas on Bravo. But in the most recent update she had posted, the 51 year-old wife of multi-award winning composer David Foster, revealed that she had her struggles with Lyme disease is not yet over. She had also revealed that she had a recent relapse that is why she wasn’t able to post anything on the Bravo website.

Yolanda has been diagnosed with the disease three years ago and has been undergoing treatment ever since. She was only able to achieve 60% recovery until her relapse in early December. Since then, the Real Housewives star admitted that she hasn’t been able find her way back.

Yolanda first told her fans regarding her condition last December 2012 by way of Twitter. To those who don’t know, Neuro Borellia Lyme disease is an illness where bacteria spread through a tick bite. When one is bitter by an infected tick, the results would include fever, depression, fatigue and rash. More serious cases have been known to affect the central nervous system that is why treatment is always important. But the effects on Yolanda were far more serious because the symptoms have impaired the former model’s ability to live her life with how she wants it.

The star had revealed that she had lost the ability to read, write and even simply watching TV. She is unable to process any information as well as any stimulation.

The most terrible thing about her condition is that there is no proper knowledge on how to treat Lyme disease although there is a number of data concerning the illness that even dates back to 1908.

Since then, the Real Housewives star has been traveling around the world in search of better treatment. Yolanda has been to Korea and it is now revealed that she is currently in Singapore.

Yolanda Foster is very thankful for her husband’s support. They have been married since 2011. She is also thankful for the continuous support her fans are giving her and that she is truly sorry for not having been able to post updates lately as her condition makes it hard for her to do so.

“God gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.” She says in a photo.