Smart Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Workouts

Exercising smartly is the only way to achieve that slim and taut body, all of us dream of. While most of us are always searching for quick tips to lose weight and follow the fad diets, they are not long-term measures that help to lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

A healthy weight lose journey requires a lot of planning and consistent approach. Follow these tips by personal trainer in Morningside to achieve your desired weight goals and stay healthy.

  1. The first tip for exercising smart is to never allow your body to get used to your workout regimen. Include a variety of regimens like cardio, strength etc. in your workout routine. Consider the four important factors, frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise to determine the stress of a workout. Alter any two of the factors regularly to make the workout challenging and achieve more calorie burn. The reputed personal trainer in Morningside suggests altering the variables every six weeks to avoid hitting a plateau.
  2. The most effective way to rev up your metabolism and achieve maximum calorie loss is High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT gives an after-burn effect, which maximizes the amount of calories burnt after the workout. Including HIIT workouts for at least three days in a week helps to lose weight faster.
  3. Clean and healthy diet is an important aspect of the weight lose journey. Limit your consumption of sugar and avoid junk food. Maintain a food journal to track your food intake. People who maintain a journal are more successful in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Never skip breakfast and concentrate on eating healthy fats and whole carbs.
  4. Strength training is equally important to tone up your muscles and increase the fat burn. Include strength training in your workout regimen to build more muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat and takes up much less space. Strength train under the supervision of a personal trainer in Morningside at least three times a week.
  5. The most important aspect most of us forget is the importance of nutrition pre and post workout. According to the reputed personal trainer in Morningside, it is important to fuel the body both pre and post workout. Eat carbs before the workout to improve your performance and burn more calories and consume a balanced diet with carbs, protein and fat after the workout to help the muscles recover.