Steps In Polishing Concrete

Polishing is considered a special technique because of the multiple steps that are involved with the utilization of proper tools as well as equipment in order to achieve the desired high quality result. This article will cover briefly regarding the process involved in polishing. Remember that in each task you may have to tackle various conditions and changes. This is why it is important to ask the suppliers of the equipment and material for their suggestions on how to use their products properly in your specific application.

The process of polishing concrete is comparable to when you are sanding a wooden floor. Machines that are attached with abrasives made of diamonds, resembling sandpaper, are used on the surface of the cement to grind away until the desired level of shine and smoothness is achieved. Just like in sanding wood, abrasives must be gradually changed from coarser-grit until it reaches finer-grit. In the case of cement polishing, grit refers to the diamond’s particle size. The end result should give you a finish that is glossy and mirror-like.

Here are the basic steps used in polishing:

  • First, you have to remove the current coat. If it is a thick coating, diamond abrasive to be used should have a grit of 16 or 20. Other aggressive tools specially designed to remove coating may also be used.
  • Make sure that all the cracks are sealed as well as the joints. Use an epoxy or other alternative that is a semi-rigid filter to accomplish this.
  • Start grinding with a metal bonded diamond that has a grit of 30 or 40.
  • Follow up grinding with another metal bonded diamond with a grit of 80.
  • Then you have to upgrade the metal bonded diamond to 150 or a finer alternative if you want.
  • To make the concrete dense, chemical hardener should be applied.
  • Start polishing with resin bonded diamond with a grit of 100 or 200, a combination of these two is also recommended.
  • Upgrade to one with a 40 grit, then 800 and eventually into 1500 or 3000. This will depend on the level of sheen you want.

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