The Types Of House Pests That A Pest Control In Sydney Can Exterminate

If there are pests pestering your household, you need to eradicate them fast. Not only are they annoying just like termites, they can cause considerable damage to the structure of your home. Through a professional pest control in Sydney, they can totally eradicate the disturbing pests. They have the expertise, training and licence to carry out the job, especially when dealing with the most potent chemicals for extermination.

The Ten Most Common House Pests

In Australia, you are likely to encounter the following pests within or outside your homes. You need to know them, so you know what to do, especially when you contact a pest control in Sydney for their eradication:

  • Ants: They usually flock on food source like those found in your kitchen or pantry. They can nest on walls, the pavement and the roof.
  • Bedbugs: They feed on human blood, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people, where they can also experience sleepless nights. Bedbugs can be treated through fumigation and chemical powders.
  • Bees: A swarm of bees can be extremely dangerous as they are finding a new nesting places. The best way to get rid of them is through hive removal, which is an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Birds: They often dwell on gutters and roofs which can damage a home. They are also carriers of diseases and lice, which pose health hazards to a family.
  • Cockroaches: They infest quickly inside a property especially if there is abundance of food. They can be exterminated using chemical sprays and traps.
  • Rodents: Like rats and mice, they can cause structural damages as they chew on wood. They can also be carriers of diseases.
  • Possums: They can trigger structural damage to the roof and ceiling. Their noise and behaviour can keep you awake at night, and you need to remove them to get rid of them.
  • Snakes: They can be a major concern in urban areas especially when they pose risks to humans and pets.
  • Spiders: Some spiders are poisonous, which can trigger a serious concern among households. If you find one, you can remove them from your home. You can also ask assistance from a pest control in Sydney if you’re scared of them.
  • Termites: They can be a culprit to the wooden structural damage of your home. Treatment can include non-toxic chemicals which can be placed inside and outside the home.