Tips For First Time Travelers In Pattaya

When it comes to being tourist friendly in Thailand, Pattaya is on top of the list. There are a lot of ATMs in the area, fast food outlets, international restaurants, convenience stores and Western shops. For tourists, there are a lot of exclusive deals in Pattaya as long as they know where to look. The downside of the influx of tourism is that the safety and quiet of the town is no longer the way it used to be. For first time travellers visiting Pattaya, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Weather. There are three main seasons in Pattaya – the warm wet season, the warm dry season which is equivalent to a winter and the hot dry season. Tourists often come during the winter months because the weather is not too hot and there is almost no rain during this season. This is between the months of November until February. After winter is the hot season.

Money. The local currency of Thailand is baht. One can find ATMs all over the city and there are also currency exchange booths that are connected to the local banks. Credit cards can only be used in high-end restaurants and big shops. For smaller businesses, only cash is accepted. If you want to save money, buy from local markets and shops instead of international brands.

Transportation. The city is small thus, the mode of transportation is only a few. Most of the people ride blue buses known to locals as songthaew and these are the most affordable mode of transportation. Riding a taxi can be quite expensive because they are from Bangkok and are only taking passengers on their way back to the metropolitan. Majority of the drivers charge a fix fee and does not agree with meter-charging. There is also a motorbike taxi in the area but it is not the safest mode of transport because there is no helmet provided for the passengers.

Tourists planning to visit the city should find exclusive deals in Pattaya ahead of time in order to save from accommodations and other costs.