Useful Tips To Ensure That The Windows Are Secure And Protected

Homeowners as well as businesses are alarmed over the rising incidences of burglaries and robberies that it became necessary to take extra measures like installing home alarm systems in Perth and fortifying their doors with as many locks as possible. However, it is common to overlook a particular vulnerability which is the window.

Burglars do not usually break in through doors because people spare no dollar when it comes to fortifying the door. A common point of entry is the windows with cheap locks and breakable glass. It makes sense that the more locks you put on a window, the more difficult it will be for a burglar to break through them. Impact resistant glass is also a good option because burglars cannot break it easily.

The traditional manner of securing windows is to install metal grilles that complement the home’s aesthetic appeal. Even if the burglars succeed in breaking the glass, the metal grilles will prevent their entry. Metal grilles with small spaces in between them are already a deterrent to burglars. If the metal grilles have large spaces, you can add decorative patterns that will make it difficult to pass through.

Floodlights are typically installed in the front of the home. A better option is to install them over the windows so that the burglar will think twice before entering the home. Trees with strong trunks should never be planted near windows because they can make access easy. If you want to improve the surrounding environment adjacent to windows, you can opt to plant thorny bushes and shrubs.

If you have a security alarm system, connect it to the doors as well as the windows. Whenever the window is opened after you have set the system, the alarm will go off and alert everyone. If you are going to add locks on the windows, install them in an unobtrusive place that cannot be seen by someone looking from the outside.

A reliable form of security that can be easily installed is home alarm systems in Perth that are proven effective to discourage intruders. However, to ensure that the home is completely secured, make sure that doors and windows are connected to the system.