Vespa Electric Scooters For Short Trips Around The City

If you are not familiar with a moped, it is a motorized bicycle that has an engine capacity of not more than 50cc with maximum speed of 28mph on level ground. An example is the Vespa moped that is awesome for short trips around the city. The moped can be fitted with an electric motor that is not more than 1,000 watts. Electric mopeds are extremely popular in Asia because its weaker powertrain generally results into less stringent licensing requirements.

Vespa the most recognizable scooter brand in the world is going electric. An all-electric scooter will be introduced to the global market sometime this year. This was announced by Vespa’s parent company Piaggio before the Milan Motorcycle Show. Technically, the electric moped is not as powerful as electric scooters but motorcycle manufacturers are giving them more power modes to make them more compliant for e-bike registration in some countries.

A lot of people have not yet experienced the joy of riding an electric scooter. In Taiwan, scooters are the most popular means of transportation for all ages. It is very convenient and there is a very unlikely chance to get stuck in traffic. The electric models of scooters are also increasingly becoming the favourite choice of many Taiwanese.

However, the earlier models of electric scooters took too long to charge often requiring overnight charging to achieve full charge. The performance of newer models has re-kindled the interest on electric scooters. Once fully charged, the battery allows travel total of about 100 km at 40kph. There are also more swap stations where owners of electric scooters can swap their low charged battery with a fully charged one.

Electric scooters have also been improved with technology. A Smartphone app will allow the user to know how much power is left and guides them to the nearest charging or swapping station. Attached sensors flag any problems with the vehicle.

There are many advantages to owning a Vespa moped aside from the fact that it is made by an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that has gained a reputation for style and elegance. It is not your standard motorcycle but it is fun and exciting to drive.