What Sets Boutique Hotels Apart From Regular Hotels?

Hotel accommodations are so common in Thailand nowadays. It used to be a luxury decades ago but now there are a lot of affordable hotels that can be accessed by those who need it. Almost all regular hotels offer the same in terms of services and amenities and that is why it comes as no surprise that travelers are looking for other options when it comes to accommodations. One of their options is book a room from a boutique hotel in Koh Samui. What is the difference between a regular hotel and a boutique hotel, you might ask?

When booking any hotel in Koh Samui, guests expects the same service such as daily cleaning, regular replacements of towels and lines and a staff on the front desk. This is too common that many guests are looking for other accommodations that could offer more while they are away from home. Boutique hotel is the answer to this.

The good thing about boutique hotel in KohSamui is that these are more personalized. Everything is custom-made to the preference of the guests and offers a unique ambiance. One thing that can be noted is that boutique hotels do not have a chain of other branches, it stands on its own as a brand thus the amenities and services offered are one of a kind. There are a number of rooms available for guests such as luxury environments, living and social rooms. They are equipped with wireless internet connection, 24 hour staffs available for service and they feature honesty bars.

Boutique hotel in Koh Samuiis designed for those who are looking to have some peace and quiet while enjoying maximum comfort at the same time. This is the big difference between boutique hotels and regular ones. The number of guests that can book at the boutique hotel at the same time may be smaller compared to regular hotels because they aim to provide intimate service with their customers. One of the major reasons why travelers wanted to stay in boutique hotels might boil down to the unique experience. Though the trend started in New York in the 1980s, it is now prevalent all over the world including the islands of Thailand.