What You Need To Know As A Website Designer

If you consider yourself a professional website designer then you should be aware of the following design rules in order to build effective, attractive and efficient websites.

  • Rule number one: Do away with annoying features. Perhaps the fastest way in aggravating your visitor is to allow pop ups every time they enter or leave your website. If the message that your client will convey is very important, incorporate the message instead on the home page of the website in an attractive as well as less annoying fashion. Another way of upsetting visitors is to have a music piece start playing when the website home page will appear. As the designer, you might like music, but a huge percentage of your audience will hate it.
  • Rule number two: ban poor navigation. You need to ensure that it will be easy for your visitors to navigate or find their way around your website. Before you unleash any new websites to the unsuspecting public, you have first to conduct some usability tests in order to determine how long and what effort it will take for people to browse the contents in a website. If the website starts to grow complex, you might want to add some site map which will enlist the major features of the website along with a FAQ section where the visitors can easily go to in order to find immediate help.
  • Rule number three: Ensure to choose the right set of colors. Picking bright colors for the back ground of the web page as well as for the text that will be displayed on it will not really work. And neither will overuse the colors of the pages will. Keep in mind that a significant of the general public usually suffers from different sight-related problems.
  • Rule number four: Avoid the messy look. Most people would hate to be working at messy and cluttered desks in offices or in their homes. Do not assemble the web pages in that pieces of information are like hastily thrown together. If you are making a website for Paper Mart Satin ribbon, you need to ensure that you will arrange the contents accordingly.